Courtiers immobiliers
Courtiers immobiliers
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Appartement à vendre, Rivière-des-Prairies/Pointe-aux-Trembles (Montréal)
208 000$

  1. Façade

    Maison a vendre
  2. Garage

    Maison a vendre
  3. Salon

    Maison a vendre
  4. Salon

    Maison a vendre
  5. Salon

    Maison a vendre
  6. Salon

    Maison a vendre
  7. Salle à manger

    Maison a vendre
  8. Cuisine

    Maison a vendre
  9. Salle de bains

    Maison a vendre
  10. Chambre à coucher principale

    Maison a vendre
  11. Chambre à coucher

    Maison a vendre
  12. Balcon

    Maison a vendre
MLS 23499670
9260, Boul. Perras , app.5, Rivière-des-Prairies/Pointe-aux-Trembles (Montréal)
Pièces : 6 | Chambres : 2 | Salle de bain : 1 | Salle d'eau : 0
Superbe condo avec garage interieure, Condo situe sur 2ieme etage, tres chaleureux et impecable avec aire ouverte. Cuisine et salle de bain renovee. Pres de plusieurs services, ecole transports etc...Faut voir!
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Genre de propriété Appartement Année de construction 1988 
Type de bâtiment Jumelé  Possibilité d'échange
Dimensions du bâtiment 0.00 x 0.00 Certificat de localisation
Superficie habitable 924.00 pi. ca.      
Dimensions du terrain 0.00 x 0.00 Prise de possession 48 jours
Zonage Résidentiel
Système d'égouts Municipal Piscine
Approvisionnement en eau Municipalité Stationnement Au garage (1)
Revêtement de la toiture Garage Intégré
Revêtement Terrain
Fenestration Topographie
Type de fenestration Particularités du site
Énergie/Chauffage Vue
Sous-sol Proximité  
Salle de bains  
Mode de chauffage Plinthes électriques Foyers-poêles Foyer au bois

Particularités des pièces

Pièces : 6    |   Chambres : 2   |   Salle de bain : 1   |    Salle d'eau : 0
Pièces NIVEAU DIMENSIONS REVÊTEMENT DE SOL Informations additionnelles
Salon 3ième étage  17.0x14.0 P  - Irr Plancher flottant  foyer
Salle à manger 3ième étage  11.0x8.0 P  Plancher flottant 
Cuisine 3ième étage  9.3x7.10 P  Céramique  comptoirs en granite
Salle de bains 3ième étage  10.0x9.5 P  - Irr Céramique  laveuse/secheuse
Chambre à coucher principale 3ième étage  14.5x11.0 P  Plancher flottant 
Chambre à coucher 3ième étage  12.5x8.2 P  Plancher flottant 


Hotte de cuisine, lave-vaisselle, Thermopump 12000 BTU, Stores dans 2 chambres a coucher, luminaires dans cuisine et salle à manger et 2ème chambre (3 au total) ouvre-porte de garage


Tous les autres luminaires, Rideaux et tringles, Foyer électrique dans le salon


Juillet 2017 Nouvelle céramique dans la cuisine

           Nouveau céramique dans dosseret de la cuisine

           Nouvelle hotte

           Nouvelle thermopompe

2014: Nouveaux planchers flottants installés dans

tout le


        Peint Fraîche

2006: Cuisine et salle de bains rénovées

           Baignoire jacuzzi

Largeur du bâtiment
Profondeur du bâtiment
Superficie habitable
924.00 pi. ca.
Façade du terrain
Profondeur du terrain
Superficie du terrain (p.c.)
Frais et taxes
Taxes municipales :
1 554$ (2017)
Taxes scolaires :
301$ (2017)
1 855$
Dépenses/Énergie (annuelles)
Coût d'énergie
49$ (0)
Frais de copropriété
1 320$ (0)
Évaluation municipale
23 600$
154 900$
178 500$

  • Parents semi-commercial SOLD
    Eleni - your personalized services are what sets you apart from other agents in the field. You take the time to listen, comprehend and set forth your mission.
    In other words, its not just about the commission! Every sale of a property
    has a story and you take the time to Care!

    Fred - without your creativity, my parents property would never have sold! In other words, you think outside the box! As well, you've demonstrated compassion
  • St-Laurent Duplex SOLD
    People that know me know that I don't post personal affairs on social media but this experience I must share.

    After going through a 2 month hellish experience with previous agents that I made a massive mistake in hiring, Eleni Akrivos from Nord/Est Realities took over the sell of my family home and within one week, I had buyers! What helped me as a seller the most was that my agent does something exclusive...she sends an inspector to reveal all the faults of my building, including a detailed consultation report, prior to putting it up on the market and also gets quotes on repairs, this way we are prepared which takes away the stress from the seller because, as we know, it's the inspection that will make or break the deal. The service does not end there...our consultant/inspector shows up when the buyer sends their own to shadow this person and make sure all is legit! I also must point out that I give a rating of 10/10 to Philip Barry's (our inspector/consultant) services of showing up to follow the buyers inspector around for hours on Sunday, new year's eve! Above and beyond the call of service. Very impressive and it took my stress away completely knowing what the inspection would reveal. Totally worth paying the commission ! Now let's hope the buyer's financing comes through :D

    Total rating for Nord/Est = 10/10

    Total rating for Eleni Akrivos and her team = 10/10

    Total rating for Philip Barry consultant/inspector = 10/10

    Thank you again Eleni / Barry... you are the best and you both helped make this difficult transition a lot easier for me.
    Anna Maria
  • Sale of property by Athena Baktis
    If it was not for Athena, getting a second and third opinion, this sale would not have gone through. Athena went to bat for her client, as she should, and she got the ball rolling on the way to a timely signing. I dealt with Athena in 2014 when I purchased my condo and now in 2017 for the sale of the same condo. Athena has always been friendly and helpful, and has always gone above and beyond for me. I really felt that Athena was there for us, she was there to make sure we were being treated honestly.

    I want to take this time to thank Athena for all her help, her time, her perseverance and just for being there for us. Again, without her, the condo would not have been sold yesterday.

    Thank you Athena

    Theo Caimassidis, CPA, CA, MBA
    Kathleen Flynn
    Theo Caimassidis
  • Sold- Thank you!
    I'm still so thankful to Eleni Akrivos for getting it sold quickly!!! So many great things have come out of this move to Toronto. If you're in the Montreal area and need some great real estate or mortgage solutions you have to check out her team! Top notch
    Ellie Borden
  • Home Purchase - Thank you!
    Thank you Eleni, Fred and everyone at North East Mortgages and Realties for all your hard work. We love our new home!
  • SOLD in Laval
    Excited to have listed my home with Eleni Akrivos ! Ste-Dorothee, Laval. Beautiful area, amazing neighbours. Reason for selling:#TorontoBound
    Ellie Borden
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