Nord Est Immobilier est une agence immobilière clé en main qui offre une gamme de services, le tout sous un toit. La création de notre agence est survenue suite à l'expérience de milliers de clients satisfaits qui ont travaillé avec nous au fil des années. En partenariat avec Terry Kilakos, président de Nord Est Hypothèques, la vision de Eleni Akrivos était de créer une expérience immobilière inoubliable et personnalisée. Eleni & Terry sont considérés comme des experts dans leur domaine et tiennent à coeur à garder le publique informés à travers leur émission radio hebdomadaire 'The Real Estate Show" sur CJAD 800AM.

Nos courtiers immobiliers ont comme but d'offrir des solutions gagnantes pour toute situation immobilière. Sous la direction de Eleni Akrivos, présidente, vous aurez accès à une équipe de professionnels multidisciplinaires pour compléter votre transaction avec les meilleurs conditions, et sans soucis. Travaillant de près avec les courtiers hypothécaires, les notaires et les conseillers financiers sur les lieux, notre clientèle reçoit notre attention et notre support continu jusqu'à ce que vos buts personnels soient atteints.

Notre équipe de courtiers travaille dans tous les quartiers du Grand Montréal et environs pour pouvoir vous offrir une expertise approfondie du marché immobilier global. Afin de faciliter vos décisions quant à vos besoins immobiliers, nos courtiers seront vos conseillers professionnels pour atteindre vos buts. Nous tenons à cœur les besoins de nos clients.

Chaque membre de notre équipe est dédié à vous offrir une qualité de service consistante. Voici les standards de qualité que tous nos courtiers sont tenus à suivre:

  • Professionnalisme en Immobilier: Nos clients reçoivent le même niveau de service et qualité, peu importe le courtier avec qui ils travaillent
  • Spécialisation et expertise: Vous travaillerez avec une équipe formée pour vous aider avec vos besoins immobiliers spécifiques
  • Technologie spécialisée: Tous nos courtiers utilisent des outils technologiques et des systèmes standardisés pour fournir un haut niveau de qualité requis par notre agence
  • Nos dirigeants sont des courtiers! Même nos dirigeants pratiquent l'immobilier à chaque jour pour pouvoir améliorer constamment le niveau de service de la compagnie
  • Engagement à votre succès: Nous vous garantissons une transaction réussite
  • Parents semi-commercial SOLD
    Eleni - your personalized services are what sets you apart from other agents in the field. You take the time to listen, comprehend and set forth your mission.
    In other words, its not just about the commission! Every sale of a property
    has a story and you take the time to Care!

    Fred - without your creativity, my parents property would never have sold! In other words, you think outside the box! As well, you've demonstrated compassion
  • St-Laurent Duplex SOLD
    People that know me know that I don't post personal affairs on social media but this experience I must share.

    After going through a 2 month hellish experience with previous agents that I made a massive mistake in hiring, Eleni Akrivos from Nord/Est Realities took over the sell of my family home and within one week, I had buyers! What helped me as a seller the most was that my agent does something exclusive...she sends an inspector to reveal all the faults of my building, including a detailed consultation report, prior to putting it up on the market and also gets quotes on repairs, this way we are prepared which takes away the stress from the seller because, as we know, it's the inspection that will make or break the deal. The service does not end there...our consultant/inspector shows up when the buyer sends their own to shadow this person and make sure all is legit! I also must point out that I give a rating of 10/10 to Philip Barry's (our inspector/consultant) services of showing up to follow the buyers inspector around for hours on Sunday, new year's eve! Above and beyond the call of service. Very impressive and it took my stress away completely knowing what the inspection would reveal. Totally worth paying the commission ! Now let's hope the buyer's financing comes through :D

    Total rating for Nord/Est = 10/10

    Total rating for Eleni Akrivos and her team = 10/10

    Total rating for Philip Barry consultant/inspector = 10/10

    Thank you again Eleni / Barry... you are the best and you both helped make this difficult transition a lot easier for me.
    Anna Maria
  • Sale of property by Athena Baktis
    If it was not for Athena, getting a second and third opinion, this sale would not have gone through. Athena went to bat for her client, as she should, and she got the ball rolling on the way to a timely signing. I dealt with Athena in 2014 when I purchased my condo and now in 2017 for the sale of the same condo. Athena has always been friendly and helpful, and has always gone above and beyond for me. I really felt that Athena was there for us, she was there to make sure we were being treated honestly.

    I want to take this time to thank Athena for all her help, her time, her perseverance and just for being there for us. Again, without her, the condo would not have been sold yesterday.

    Thank you Athena

    Theo Caimassidis, CPA, CA, MBA
    Kathleen Flynn
    Theo Caimassidis
  • Sold- Thank you!
    I'm still so thankful to Eleni Akrivos for getting it sold quickly!!! So many great things have come out of this move to Toronto. If you're in the Montreal area and need some great real estate or mortgage solutions you have to check out her team! Top notch
    Ellie Borden
  • Home Purchase - Thank you!
    Thank you Eleni, Fred and everyone at North East Mortgages and Realties for all your hard work. We love our new home!
  • SOLD in Laval
    Excited to have listed my home with Eleni Akrivos ! Ste-Dorothee, Laval. Beautiful area, amazing neighbours. Reason for selling:#TorontoBound
    Ellie Borden
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