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Take the Time to Analyze Your Needs

You're dreaming of a big house on the waterfront, but does it really fit your lifestyle? Consider this carefully because it's important to distinguish your dream home from the one that actually meets your needs. Before you begin your search, take the time to consider your needs thoroughly.

Your Needs

Every family has its own needs and priorities. How many rooms and bathrooms will you need? Is a dining room a necessity? And what about the garage? Will it turn into yet another storage space?

Your Tastes

onsider your style. If you're not enthusiastic about do-it-yourself projects, avoid homes that require major renovations. And even if a spacious yard seems attractive, are you willing to spend the time caring for it? If you prefer city life you'll have access to theatres, services and restaurants, but it'll be noisier and won't have as many green spaces. In other words, determine your priorities!

What's Your Budget?

Don't make the mistake of buying a home that is out of your price range. To find the home that's right for you, adapt your needs to your budget. Once you've become an owner, your investment will start to increase in value and will eventually help you access a home that is closer to your ideal. In the beginning, it's important to put savings aside for small purchases and unexpected expenses. Ensure you have enough money for maintenance costs such as insurance and repairs, as these can amount to 2% or 3% of the price of your home per year.

Your Environment

The environment is also an important factor. Is there a daycare or school nearby? Can your children take public transportation or will you need to drive them around? Consider the distance between home and work too.

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Single-Family Home, Condo or Plex?

The single-family home is by far the most popular type of property. There are many advantages to a single-family home: you can arrange and decorate it the way you like, and you have maximum privacy since no one else shares your space. However, maintaining the exterior of the house can require lots of time and money.

Condos, which are gaining in popularity, are ideal for those people who don´t want to invest time in lawn maintenance. However, it´s important to choose a building whose owners have a similar profile to yours, since you will need to agree on issues such as renovation work and building maintenance. Also take into consideration the condominium fees that you, and all of the other owners in the building, will need to cover.

A plex is a revenue property with two, three, four or five dwellings (duplex, triplex, quadruplex, quintuplex). The financial benefits are indisputable – you collect rent to help you pay your mortgage. Furthermore, a portion of the interest is tax deductible since part of the mortgage loan enabled you to acquire investment income, and any amount invested in maintaining your tenants´ dwellings is tax deductible. However, a plex won´t give you the same privacy as a single-family home

Your real estate broker has the expertise to help you make the best choice.

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