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Getting Off to a Good Start

To sell your property quickly, it's important that you set the right price from the get-go. When faced with a price that's too high, potential buyers may get discouraged, while those who can afford it will quickly realize that they can get better value for their money elsewhere. It's also good to remember that a property that lingers on the market for a long time tends to lose its appeal.

Selling on your own is risky business. Without in-depth knowledge of the market, you can easily underestimate the true value of your property and lose considerable profit. This is why a real estate broker is the best-suited professional to help make the most of your real estate transaction.

Setting the right price from the moment you put your property up for sale is to your best advantage. You'll be sure to attract more potential buyers and therefore sell your property as quickly as possible.

Documents Needed When Selling

You've decided to sell your property? To ensure that the transaction goes smoothly, you'll need a variety of documents at different stages of the process.
Here's a list of documents to have on hand when selling your property:

  • Property's certificate of location
  • Test de pyrite, vermiculite, ocre ferreuse, etc., pour les régions concernées
  • Pyrite, vermiculite, iron ochre tests, etc., in certain regions
  • Bills for renovations to the property
  • The declaration of co-ownership, if applicable
  • The rental lease or leases in the case of plexes
  • Municipal and school tax notices
  • Monthly cost for electricity
  • Fixed costs for the property
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Property Evaluation Process

Are you looking for a ​property appraisal​?

1) First step: determine the purpose of the appraisal
Division of property (estate/divorce)

2) Second step: gather information for PROPERTY EVALUATION ​report
Residential building (Less than 6 doors)​
- Municipal tax account statement
- School tax account statement
- Certificate of location
- ​Comparable Sales information​

Multi-unit​, commercial
- Above-mentioned documents
- Leases
- Building-related expenses
- Comparable Sales statistics​

3) Third step: visit the building
-Take photos inside and outside the building
- Gather information on the building condition (renovations carried out, etc.)
- ​Take measurements​

Thereal estate broker´s ​work consists of researching data on the comparable sales to determine the value of the property using recognized appraisal methods​, where applicable and ​including the following:
- Cost method
- Comparison method (market)
- Revenue method (if applicable)

We will then provide an estimate of the property´s​ definitive market value. A VALUE of $500​

Do you live in Laval, Montreal, the Laurentians region, Lanaudière or Montérégie area?​
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